This is a fun way to practise attacking and defending skills. It also helps develop football “vision”, communication skills and tactical awareness.

Age group: U6s to U14s.

Equipment required: Some cones to mark the playing area, two small goals, training vests and a ball.

Number of players: Whole squad.

outSet-up: Create a 30-yard square with a small goal on opposite end lines.

Split your squad into two teams (the Rs and the Bs in the image below).

Each team stands next to you on the edge of the playing area.

Tell the teams which goal they need to score in.

How to play: Throw a ball into the playing area and shout a number.

That number of players from each team run into the playing area, compete for the ball and try to score in their allocated goal.

  • As soon as a goal is scored or the ball goes out of play, shout “Out!” and the players return to their teams.
  • Then shout another, different number.
  • Vary the numbers from one to the total number of players in each team.

Progression: Play with a goal in each of the four corners. This encourages your players to keep their heads up and switch play to the open goal.

Allow your players to choose the number of players who will compete for the ball. First, team R chooses then it’s team B’s turn to choose.

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