Teaching positions to young soccer players

Warm-up: Full Field – 16 players

1. In 2’s with 1 ball:
a) pass and move
b) Pass to other players and move
2. In 3’s: pass and move plus “trail” (Pass Back)
3. In 4’s: Pass and move, Trail and “Switch”

Training: 4v4 (60 x 40 field) – 2 fields
1. 4v4 game – 4 teams – Rotate teams

2.Teach “how-to” techniques on passing, trailing and switching (body position, feel of the pass, where to strike the football)

Technical: Full Field — Walk-through
1. Teach positions on the field with dry-erase boards to explain the different positions, and use cones to show where the positions are on the field.

2. The coach directs movement of the team while standing on the opposite field. Under the direction of the coach, the team moves forward and backward. They learn to shift from side to side. The team moves as a “whole unit” including the keeper.

3. The coach teaches the team to position themselves defensively and offensively according to the ball, which he is holding as he moves around the field.

Game Condition:  Shadow Play – 7v7 + GK – 2 Teams
1. The goalkeeper starts the drill. Players move the ball diagonally toward the forward line finishing with a shot on goal (switch teams).

2. Introduce “It’s Closed” As the ball is moving forward the coach yells “it’s closed” thus creating a chance for the forwards or midfielders to “trail” the ball back to the supporting player which reverses the field through the center players (midfielder, sweeper, stopper and keeper) and to the other side and finishing with a shot on goal. You can yell “it’s closed” a couple of times during the drill or as needed.

3. Introduce defensive players, one per zone, and add accordingly. Defenders are passive at first.

4. Shadow play with 2 full teams. One team defends passively. Switch teams. Offensive team has success.

Game Related: 7v7 + GK
1. Full field, no restrictions.