Three way soccer

Three way soccer threway_

Minutes: 10-20 Players: 9-18 Ages: 5-99

Objectives: develops team work, communication skills and tactical development (especially transition from defence to attack)

Description: Using cones, set up three goals, 3-4 yds across each on the corner of an equilateral triangle (I put one across each side of the penalty area and one near the centre circle). Divide into three teams, using bibs or shirt colour to distinguish.
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Teams can score on either of the other two goals from the front side or the back side. After a score, the scored upon team dribbles back out from near their goal area.

After just a couple minutes the coach will notice players talking much more. They will also see players start to switch the point of attack from one goal to the other as it opens up, forcing the new target goal team to quickly transition from offence to defence.