Throw in frenzy

This game encourages quick throw ins and movement off the ball.

Age range: U7s and upwards.

Difficulty: Medium.

Set-up: Create a 40×30-yard playing area with a goal at each ends. Using flat cones, mark out two five-yard squares on each side line. The boxes should be placed about 10 yards from each goal.

Divide your players into two teams of five or six. Goalkeepers are optional.

How to play:

First, demonstrate the right way to take a throw-in.

  • Two players from each team are put into the boxes at the end they are attacking. The remaining players play in the main area.
  • To score, a team must pass to one of the boxed players, who catches the ball or picks it up and quickly looks to take a throw-in.
  • The attacking team tries to create a goalscoring opportunity from the throw-in before the defending team can get organised.
  • Award one point for a goal scored in open play and two points for a goal scored immediately after a throw-in.
  • Rotate the players in the boxes at regular intervals.

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