Throw in races

Age range: U7s to U10s.

Equipment required: Flat cones, a ball for each player.

Set-up: Use the sideline of an existing pitch or make a line with flat cones.

Place a number of cones three yards away and parallel to the line.

Make a second line of cones three yards further back and a third line three yards way from the second line.

Divide your players into teams of three or four.

How to play: The first player in each team takes a throw-in from the sideline and tries to hit the first cone.

If they miss, the next player in line has a go.

If a player hits the cone they aimed for, they retrieve their ball and place the cone they hit on top of the next one. The next player in the team now tries to hit the new target.

The first team to hit all three cones wins.

Progression: Add more cones or space the cones further apart.

Coaching note: Throw-ins must be taken correctly. See: how to take a throw-in

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