Vision on!

Objective: To encourage quick decision making, playing with head up, switching play.

Age group: U7s and upwards.

Number of players: Eight plus two adult assistants.

Equipment required: Flat cones to mark the playing area, training vests to differentiate the teams, four small goals, one ball.

Set-up: Use a 30×20 yards playing area with two goals at either end.

Divide your players into two evenly matched teams.

Place an adult assistant at either end of the pitch, behind the goals.

How to play: Each team defends and attacks two goals.

  • They can score in either of the goals they are attacking, providing there is no one standing behind it.
  • The assistants work up and down the end lines, positioning themselves behind the goal they think is going to be attacked next.
  • There are no goalkeepers.
  • Play for 10 minutes or until a set score is reached.

Variations: Limit the players to two or three touches.

Players can only score from their first touch.

Add a halfway line. To score, all the players in the attacking team must be in their opponent’s half.

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