3 team keepaway

Minutes: 10-20 Number of players: 9-18 Ages: 9-14

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Objectives: soccer warm-up, team work, ball control, possession, passing


Make 3 teams (Green-Blue-Red) 4v4v4 or 5v5v5 or 6v6v6 in Square grid about 25 x 25. Vary the size for player numbers and ability. One team starts as the defenders and the other two teams play keepaway. When the defenders win the ball the team colour which was responsible for losing the ball become the defenders. You can give a goal for X number of consecutive passes.

This is an excellent warm up and very good for improving small, quick passes.

It’s also a good drill for improving general ball control, awareness and team work.

I use this on every training as a warm up in a square grid about 20 x 20 meters.