Objective: For older players (13+) to improve fitness. For younger players, to improve flexibility and co-ordination.

Age group: U6s to U16s.


Set up: Create a playing area large enough for your players to move around in safely.

For twelve 10-year-olds, it should be about 20×15 yards.

Place a pole or distinctive cone on each side of the playing area, about five yards from the sideline.

Split your players into two teams.

Each player tucks a training vest into their waistband. Use a different colour for each team (e.g. team A has red vests, team B has yellow vests).

Send each team to opposite ends of the playing area.

How to play:

On your command, players try to take a vest from a player on the other team and drop it on the ground.

If a player loses his vest, he must run around one of the poles outside the playing area and rejoin the game, picking up his vest and tucking it into his waistband as he returns.

Play for one minute. The winners are the team who have the most training vests when you call “time”.

Play best of three.