Circle, pass, move


A tried and tested exercise that can be used in a warm up or as part of a passing drill session. It has the virtue of being very simple to explain and perform, is suitable for almost any size group (or groups) and and you can increase the intensity by adding more balls or asking for the players to cover specific distances.


Set up a circle of players, we have 8 in the illustration approximately 15 yards in diameter. You can adjust the distance according to how much work and effort you want the players to cover, this can become a conditioning drill too. As in the example, X1 starts with the ball and passes the ball to X2. Once X1 passes he must then move and take the position of X2 who will pass to X3 and then follow the ball and so on.


One football per group, as many players as you wish


  • Players should move to get their body in line with the ball
  • Arms out to the side for balance and for shielding the ball
  • Keep the body over the ball
  • Knees bent slightly
  • Standing foot should be planted 6 inches to the side of the ball
  • Standing foot should be pointing towards the intended target
  • The striking foot is raised and taken backwards
  • The ankle is locked, toes pointed out at right angle to ball to allow the inside of the foot to strike the ball
  • The player should be focused on the ball at all times
  • Strike through the centre of the ball
  • Ensure that there is a follow through
  • Resume the run and look for the return pass
  • Although concentrating on the pass on the move you may wish to use the coaching points for ground control on the move also. Encourage the players to talk to each other, to assist the player in the player in the middle. Also get the passers shouting the name of the intended receiver.


Encourage the use of both feet, right and left to pass

Increase the speed as if it was game related

Introduce more balls to really work the players

Increase the distances to covered