Dynamic warm up routine

This is a 30-minute warm-up drill that is suitable for players over the age of nine or 10.

Begin with players in pairs jogging around half the field and passing the ball to each other (for five minutes).

Place pairs of cones up the middle of the pitch at five, 10 and 20-yard intervals.

Your players leave the balls and carry out the following exercises up the inside of the cones and jog back down the outside of the cones:

  • Arm swings.
  • Jog to the 10-yard line then backwards to the five-yard line then forwards to the 20-yard line. Repeat the drill.
  • Flick legs up (heels to backsides).
  • High knees.
  • Sideways skipping.
  • Criss-crossing (change of direction).
  • 50% speed runs from five-yard to 20-yard line. Repeat the drill.
  • Fast feet to five yards followed by 75% speed run to 20-yard line. Repeat the drill.
  • Increase speed slowly to 10 yards then quickly accelerate to 20 yards.

Follow these exercises by a very brief drinks break then play keepaway or Swedish Handball for five minutes.

Finish with a 4v4 game with to cone goals. I apply a three-touch restriction to ensure my players pass and move quickly.