Fitness training

Speed circuitSpeed Circuit

Place cones around pitch or similar sized area, each station represents an area where the player works hard, then jogs to next station. It is important that the player works hard at each station, there should be distinct differences in effort between work done at a station and the jog recovery. Do not run too hard on the jog recovery as it will take away your ability to work hard at the next station.

At early part of speed endurance phase, (pre-season, or early season), aim for 5 mins continuous run with 3 mins walk recovery, repeat 3 times. During later stages of speed endurance phase, during season for example, aim for 3-4 mins circuits, with 3 mins recovery.

Spped circuitSpeed Endurance

Shuttle runs through first set of cones (place approx. 10 metres apart). Then side to side round witches hats, jog to cone, sprint to last cone, then sharp turn and sprint to final cone.

This is a hard session if quality kept up.

Aim for 8 repetitions with jog recovery.