Objective: This game is a good warm-up for a training session or a match.

It’s also a great way to improve dribbling skills, ball control and physical co-ordination.

Set up: Create a 20-yard square for every 12 players.

Each player has a ball.

GhostbustersHow to play:

Inside the area, 10 players have a ball while the two remaining players are the ghosts.

The players with a ball dribble around in the area and try to stay away from the ghosts who attempt to tag the dribbling players.

Once a player has been tagged they freeze and stand with their feet apart holding their ball above their head.

See how many players the ghosts can freeze in one minute.

Alternatively, the pair of ghosts who can tag all the players in the quickest time wins.

The last two players to be tagged become the ghosts in the next game.


Allow free players to unfreeze tagged players by playing the ball between the frozen player’s legs.

The frozen player should shout ‘Help!!’ or “I need a ghostbuster!!”.

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