Pass, move, pass, move

This is a great warm-up to use before a training session or a match.

It gets your players into the habit of moving immediately after they pass, works on their ball control and is a good physical workout too.

Age group: U8s to U13s.

Set up: Create a circular playing area about 25 yards across. Divide your squad in two.

Place one half of your players inside the playing area and the other half around the outside of the playing area.

The players on the outside have a ball each.

How to play: The players on the inside run to an outside player, receive a pass, return the ball and move quickly to another outside player and repeat the process.

Switch the inside and outside players after a few minutes.


  • Receive the ball and return it with one touch.
  • Receive the ball with the left foot, return it with the right and vice versa.
  • Receive with ball with one surface of the foot (inside, outside, sole, etc.) and return it with a different surface.

Coaching points

Discourage your players from watching their passes, they should turn and run to the next player as soon as the ball leaves their foot.

This exercise should be done at speed. Do not allow players to walk around.

Encourage players to call for the ball as they approach a player on the outside.

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