Soccer coaching warm up moves

1) in-betweens with step-over 180 turn.

To do the “in-betweens” stand with the soccer ball between your feet which are about shoulder width apart. Using the inside of the right foot, tap the ball softly to the inside of the left foot. Then using the inside of the left foot, tap it back again to the inside of the right foot. The trick is to keep the ball constantly moving between the feet as the player “hops” from foot to foot to prepare for the next touch. Once you get the hang of it, begin to move forward with each step by tapping the ball slightly forward with each touch. Eventually you should be able to keep the in-betweens going without a miss as you move slowly all over the place.

Secondly, do the “step-over 180 turn”. (This is a very important turn! Watch the pros, you will see variations of this turn a dozen times a game.) Start with the ball between your feet, as it is during your “in-betweens”. Put your weight on your left foot as you swing your right foot up and over the ball (turning counter-clockwise towards the left). Plant the right foot down on the left side of the ball and step down. (This is the “step over” part of the move and will be used in lots of fakes and feints). Now using that right foot as a pivot, spin (turning clockwise this time) around with your left foot, back towards the ball. Once you have turned a 180, take the ball with your left foot and begin the “in-betweens” the other direction.

2) toe touches moving forward and alternating feet.

Begin with the ball between your feet and slightly to the front. Lift the right foot and lightly touch the top of the ball with the front (cleat side) of the shoe, underneath the toe. Replace that right foot and do the same with the left foot. Now begin to alternate touches faster until you have to make little hops back and forth with your feet while continuing to touch the top of the ball. Finally, push the ball forward a few inches with each touch as you begin to move forward with each step.
The trick is to touch the ball forward “just the right distance” and slightly in front of the other foot so you can keep the pattern going without a break. After moving forward about 10 yds. do a “pullback” turn and return to the starting spot continuing your toe touches.

3) toe touches moving backwards and alternating feet.

This is nearly the same as the toe touches moving forward but instead goes backward. With each hop backwards touch the ball back and diagonally toward your next foot. This is a little more difficult to learn but is great for developing quick feet and pull back touches.

4) Side hop rolls moving forward. (a.k.a. “side drag rolls”)

This is a shielding and rolling manoeuvre. Start by facing sideways (e.g. first face to the right) to the direction of travel, with the ball between your feet. Using the sole of your right foot, come up and over the top of the ball from right( the back) to left (the front). This gets the ball rolling to your left and down the direction of travel. After rolling over the top of the ball with your right foot, plant it down and “hop” onto your left foot and repeat. All the touches are with the right foot, rolling the ball to the left with your cleats as you “hop” down the field. You would use this to advance the ball and at the same time keep the defender to your backside. Repeat with the left foot.

5) Outside Touches

Push the ball to the outside with the outside of the foot then take 2 steps behind the rolling ball to prepare to touch it with the outside of the other foot.

6) Inside to outside roll right foot to the (right) side and touch forward with right foot.

Start with the ball between your feet. Begin with a little lean or lunge out to the right side of the ball by lifting your right foot and stepping down lightly beside the ball. Do not plant weight onto this right foot. Instead, plan to shift your weight back to the left and then “scrape” your studs over the top of the ball, from the right side to the left, to begin it rolling to the left. After it has crossed completely in front of your body, use the inside of your left foot to touch it forward. Now repeat the same starting with the left foot.