Target team tag

Target team tag is a fun warm-up you can use before a coaching session or a game.

Objective: to improve teamwork, communication and to introduce the basics shielding the ball to very young players.

Set-up: One player is nominated as the tagger and one player as the target.

The target player tucks a bib in the back of their shorts and the rest of the team link arms and huddle round her.

The tagger stands a few yards away from the group.

How to play: On your command, the tagger tries to pull the bib out of the target’s shorts.

The target tells the rest of the group which way to turn so that they are shielding her from the tagger.

Play for 30 seconds or until the tagger gets the bib.

Progression: Split your players into teams and allow them to choose their tagger and who should be their target.

Play several rounds to find out which team makes the best decisions.

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