Watch your tail!

Objective: A) To warm your players up before a training session. B) Generate team spirit.

Age group: U6 and up

Equipment required: One training vest.


  • Split your players into two teams – team A and team B.
  • One player in team A tucks a “tail” – a training vest – into her shorts.
  • The rest of her team form a protective circle around him/her.

How to play:

  • Team B has 30 seconds to get through the protective circle and steal the vest.
  • If team B succeeds, it wins a point.
  • When every player in team A has worn the vest, swap roles.
  • The team with the most points wins the game.


1. All players tuck a “tail” into their shorts and jog around while trying to steal another player’s tail. The last player to lose their tail is the winner.

2. Remove all the tails. Place a small goal at one end of the playing area. Players dribble a ball around the playing area while trying to stop their ball from being kicked out.

If a player has their ball kicked out, they retrieve it and rejoin the group.

Players who succeed in kicking another player’s ball out can shoot at the goal.

Play for five minutes. The player with the most goals wins the game.

Tip: If some of your players are relatively poor at protecting their ball, provide one or two safe areas (five-yard squares, coned off) where they cannot be tackled for a few seconds.

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