Shooting for U10s

Equipment: 1 ball per player, cones, pennies

Warm up

  • Math Dribble – Players dribble around in the are when the coach calls out a math problem the players must get in groups matching the answer, finish with a math problem that results in 2. A useful activity to get the players into groups without them always picking the same people!
  • 1v1 tag – have one gate per pair setup, players are without the ball and attempt to get through the gate without being tagged, encourage the players to use body fakes and change of speed


  • Ring of fire – Only half of the pairs will work at a time now, each pair has a ball and plays 1v1 for 1 minute, the players score by dribbling through any of the gates, they can not attack the same gate twice in a row, if they lose the ball to the other player they are on defence, the pairs that are sitting out are assigned to keep score, switch out the pairs that are resting

Next progression is to have the players work in pairs playing 2v2. Watch how the game changes

  • 2v2 to goal – Have two 15×20 yard grids setup, with small goals on the end line, play 2v2 for 3-4 minutes and then switch the players that are resting, score two points for dribbling through the goal and one point for shooting through the goal


4 goal game – goals are on each side of the grid, each team defends two goals, create teams for 3v3 or 4v4

Look for changes of direction of attack

Scrimmage – 15-20 minutes, two 20×30 yard grids, create small goals on either endline and allow the players to play without any coaching