Chipping the ball

Why is it useful to get players chipping the ball?

The chip is used to quickly lift the ball over short distances, for example, to pass the ball over an opponent to one of your team mates or to lift the ball into the penalty area from a few meters away.

If executed correctly, the ball will arc beautifully and in the last moment, drop quite rapidly to its target.

The chip is a useful technique – strikers will score more goals if they can chip the ball over an advancing goalkeeper and all players will need to find a way to pass to a team-mate standing behind an opponent sometimes – so all young soccer players should be able to execute it.

Step-by-step instructions to give your players:

  • Approach the football at a slight angle
  • Place your non-kicking foot approximately 6 inches to the side of the ball and slightly behind it
  • Take a back swing with your kicking leg, keeping in mind that a shorter back swing will allow you more control and better placement
  • Angle your toe down as you make contact with the bottom part of the ball, the part closest to the ground
  • Lean your body back as you kick to increase the lift of the ball. The farther you lean back, the greater the ball’s arc.

Coaching tip: remember that the backspin generated causes the ball to slow down upon hitting the ground.

Encourage your players to practise chipping the ball at home by setting up a hoop or bin a few meters away and trying to chip the ball in.