Passing for U8s

Equipment: Cones, pinnies, 1 ball per player

Warm up

Retrieve the ball – Get the players in pairs with one ball, each pair brings the coach their ball, the coach throws the ball in some direction giving the players directions about how they must retrieve the ball and bring it back

3 passes, 2 passes each, 3 different body parts, 8 passes, etc.


  • Golf – Setup gates (two cones close together) around your practice area, see the lowest number of passes a team can make in getting through all of the gates. Have each pair keep track of their scores. You may want to keep track of the score for the entire team and then challenge them to do it again in fewer passes.
  • Passing with pressure – Now add in one or two defenders, see how many goals the players can score in 2 minutes, defenders go around blocking the goals but not taking the ball away.
  • Fox & hounds – Tag game, one or two players start with balls and try to hit their team mates below the waist with the ball. If a player gets hit then they must also get a ball and help catch the others.


4 v. 4 The Passing Game – Play a 4v4 game in 30X40 yard grid. Put two goals on the end line in the corners. Scoring is by stopping the ball anywhere on the line or passing through an open goal. Grid should be setup so it is longer than it is wide.