Passing for U9s

Equipment: Cones, pinnies, 1 ball per player

Warm up

Passing Grid – Half the players inside the grid without a ball and the other half of the players around the outside of the grid with balls. The players on the inside move towards a player on the outside receive the ball and return it to the same player. Progressions: 2 touch, 1 touch, out of the air, turn and find a new target


  • Marbles – Players pair up each player needs a ball, staying within the grid player A passes their ball about 5 yards away and their partner tries to hit their ball, they then trade off. Players get one point for each successful hit. Have a competition of first team to 10. Loss of point if ball goes out of the grid
  • Gatekeepers – Create four small goals one on each side of the grid, put one player in each of the small goals without a ball (gatekeeper). When directed the gatekeeper will step outside of their goal until told to move back in. The rest of the players are inside the grid dribbling around looking for the open goal to pass their goal through. How many goals can they get in 1 minute.


4 v. 4 The Passing Game – Play a 4v4 game in 30X40 yard grid. Put two goals on the end line in the corners. Scoring is by stopping the ball anywhere on the line or passing through an open goal. Grid should be setup so it is longer than it is wide.