Team building

Ball tag—In a space about 40yd x 30yd, give every player a football and a partner. When the chaser hits the ball of the chase with their ball, the roles reverse. Players do not want to be chaser when coach yells freeze.  Version 2: Make two teams to make more dynamic, give each team a 2 minute time limit in which they are on attack and get a point for every time they hit one of the other team’s balls. See which team has the most points at the end (winners).

Colors Passing—Half of the players in red bibs, half in blue. Teams playing together in the same space combine in the passing sequence blue-blue-red-red-blue-blue-red-red etc. etc. Ball can never stop, players can never stop moving, and ball cannot leave area of play. Coach can limit touch-count, mandate which foot to pass with or which side of foot to pass with as sees fit. When players can do first sequence adequately and without frequent errors change the sequence to blue-blue-blue-red-red-red-blue-blue-blue etc. etc. Stress communication and technical passing points throughout. Make this activity competitive by counting errors and setting goals by lowering allowed errors.

Keepaway with handball-–Teams play keepaway with one ball on the ground. However, the defensive team does not defend as they normally would in soccer. The defensive team has two balls in their hands that they must throw at the keepaway ball in order to gain possession. If one of the handballs hits the keepaway ball, then possession switches. Version 2: To make this competitive add a rule in which 5 passes equals a goal.

Multi-goal game-–8 v 8 in 65×50 yard grid. 6 two-yard goals are spread out throughout the grid. The teams score by passing through any of the goals to a teammate. First team to 10 points wins. Add balls if need to space out players. Players need to be able to see where the open goals are, and receive with a “picture” of what is around them. With this in mind, if the players are advanced enough, the player receiving through the goal must play 1 touch or coach could require receiving player to perform a feint before touching ball. Version 2: Use different color cones for goals and assign different point totals to different goals.

 8v8 game—On a 70×50 yard field with goalies and large goals, play a regular match. To make the game more fun let team know they can only score off of a one touch and get multiple points for headers and volleys. The coach should call fouls throughout the game to give teams opportunity to be creative on set plays.

Cool Down—Juggling in team so everyone must touch with certain body parts called out by coach. Players have to guess the total number of touches it will take for their team to accomplish goal. First team to guess exact number wins.