Teamwork for U10s

Equipment: 7 balls, cones, pennies

Warm up

  • Passing gates – setup a eight gates (two cones 3 yards apart) in a random pattern around a 30×30 yard area, organize players in groups of three, 1 ball per group, how fast can each team get through all of the gates?, how many gates can you get through in 1 minutes

Look for teams that are talking and planning ahead


  • 3v1 Triangle Keepaway – One player is placed in the middle of the triangle with each side about 6 yards long, the other three players take up position on one of the sides and try to maintain possession of the ball, they only get a point if they pass through the triangle, they can pass on the outside of the triangle, switch defenders every two minutes

Look for players that are moving into good angles of support

  • Capture the Ball – 30×30 yards, Pile of 7 balls is put in the middle of grid, divide the players into four teams and assign them to one of the corner boxes, Objective is to get three balls back to your box, only one player may go at a time for your team, you may steal a ball from another team’s box, you can not stop someone from stealing a ball from your box


  • 4 goal game – Create two grids of 20×30, put the goals in the corners of the grid but on the endline, Players score by passing through the goals to a team mate.