Vision and support play

By Vince Ganzberg

This session is geared for the advanced level player about the ages of 14 and up. The technical ability to play 1-2 touch, possessing a good first touch, and the ability to receive under pressure is something for you to consider if you are to do this type of training session with your players. The purpose is to work on player’s vision and getting support in order to have more productive possessions. This training session also works on speed of play.

Warm-up – 3 colour passing

In an area, have 3 different groups of colours. Have one ball to start. Instruct each colour that they must pass to another colour yet receive from a third colour. For example: Reds pass to Greens, Greens pass to yellows, and Yellows pass to reds. After a little bit add a second and third ball.

1st Activity – 3v3v3

3 Teams of 3. One of the coloured teams is the defending team. The other two teams are trying to see how many passes they can get against the defending team. The 2 attacking teams are counting the total number of passes in a time period. When the defence wins the ball or the attacking team plays out the ball, they keep the ball from the two attacking teams. It is then up to the attacking teams to win the ball back and keep possession. To work on vision and support, tell the attacking teams that they cannot pass the ball to their own colour. They must pass the ball to another colour, like the warm-up. Another variation is to put a touch restriction on like 1-2 touch.

2nd Activity – Multiple Goals

Two even teams of 5-8 players. Make small goals around a half field area with cones. Make one more goal than each team has players. So if there are teams of 6, have 7 small goals scattered around half a field. This is a familiar possession game in which a point is scored when a team plays the ball thru a coned goal to another teammate. A bonus point is scored If the ball gets thru a coned goal to a teammate who then plays one touch to a third player. Could also make this way the only way to get a point If your emphasis is getting support.

3rd Activity – 5v5 plus 2

Play 5 aside to two goals. Two teams of 7 players. Play to two goals. Each team has 2 target players on their attacking end line. Before a goal can be scored, the attacking team must play the ball to one of their two target players who then only have one touch to play the ball back in the field to their own team. Could play that whomever plays the ball to the end target must replace them. The target player then plays the ball in and can join their teammates on the field.

4th Activity – Play 7v7 plus 2 to goals

Play 7v7 and have 2 plus players who are always with the attack. The plus players are now on the field. To work on possession, vision, and support limit the plus player to 1 touch while everyone else has 2 touches. First team to 3 wins.

Concluding Activity – Play 8v8

Could put a touch restriction on them like 1-2 touch, but one of my favourite twists is to make them play silently, no clapping, hooting, hollering, etc.  After a bit, then play normally.