Futsal coaching tips

If you coach futsal (and if you don’t, you should!) I’m sure you’ll find the the tips below very useful. I know I did!

Short rosters: Teams have short roster to have more playing time. This is not the spirit of Futsal. In Futsal coaches should replace players often to get the most of their energy and coach them while they are out.

Excessive kicking: Futsal is not a kicking sport. It is a moving and getting close to the goal.

Bad transition from attack to defence and vice-versa: When your team has possession all players attack. Immediately when the ball is lost all players defend. If you have to tie your shoes ask the coach to sub you.

Dead zone players: Players that don’t move get in a dead zone. If a coach perceives a player in a dead zone the coach should replace the player immediately and talk to him. Either the player is tired or don’t understand the game.

Giving up: Do not look at the score board, a goal can be scored in 2 seconds in Futsal. If you think that your game is lost because you are loosing by 5 or 6 goals you are mistaken.

Not using the goalie as a 5th player when available: Use the goalie when you can. The goalie becomes the fifth player and gives an edge. If the opposing player goes after the goalie the goalie passes to the open player. If the goalie can’t pass he can kick to get rid of the ball after 4 seconds of possession.

Over committing on the last minute. When players see the clock on the last minute they get desperately on the attack. The odds are that they will get scored against. This tactics of over committing should be used only when the game or tournament is completely lost.

Marking: Futsal is dynamic and so is marking players.. A front player walking back slowly should be replaced immediately.

Goalie bouncing the ball to players. Goalie should roll the ball as close to the floor as possible because it is easier for the player receiving the ball to control.

Slow ball reposition: The fastest the ball is played after a game stop the better is for your team.

Distracted players: Players should have the eye on the ball as close to 100% of the time as possible.

Controlling the ball with the side of the feet: in Futsal the ball is controlled with the bottom of the feet.

Players losing focus: There is no time in Futsal for getting upset. Getting upset with a play or the referee may cost your team dearly. If you don’t have the focus the odds are that your team will suffer.

Physical games: Futsal is skills; it is not a physical game. Instead of play physical players need to focus on the game.

Playing Futsal just to enhance skills: To benefit from Futsal you have to understand the spirit of the game.

Lack of movement: When attacking, players should be moving constantly. Rotation is highly desirable. When attacking, players need to be constantly looking for open space.

  • The kick start is a forward kick. Place the receiving player close enough so he can get the ball before the opponent.
  • Place the ball on the line and have your body outside of the field to restart a play after the ball goes out of the boundaries.
  • The goalie must use his hands for a goal clearance.
  • The opponent player should allow 5 yards in a kick in play.
  • When the goalie throws the ball it must hit his own court or a second player before it hits the opposing court.
  • There are no shoulder charges, slides or even play the ball when you are down allowed in Futsal.